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Golden Hour Case — Joint Infringement Claims Against Strategic Partnerships are DOA

Monday, August 16th, 2010

In this case, which put the “hurt” on patent holders with no relief in sight, the jury rendered a verdict of infringement of various claims of United States Patent No. 6,117,073 (“the ’073 patent” – 6117073) in favor of Golden Hour Data Systems, Inc. (“Golden Hour”) against defendants emsCharts, Inc. (“emsCharts”) and Softtech, LLC (“Softtech”). However, the district court subsequently granted Judgment as a Matter of Law (“JMOL”) of no joint infringement of claims 1, 68, 10, and 12-22 of the ’073 patent. (Click here for copy of Golden Hour Decision)

Golden Hour’s ’073 patent, entitled “Integrated Emergency Medical Transportation Database System” is directed to computerized systems and methods for information management services in connection with emergency medical transport, which is often performed by helicopter.  Providers of such emergency medical transportation must collect and track large amounts of data for the purposes of dispatching transport, treating patients (clinical services), and also for billing.  The systems of the ’073 patent provide for the integration of dispatch, clinical services, and billing data.  The ’073 patent discloses a dispatch module, a clinical module, an administration module, and a billing module.  By integrating record keeping, these systems seek to avoid the inefficiency, inaccuracy and potential adverse clinical results that come with redundancy in recordkeeping.