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Join Us for Digital Transformation Webinar Series: First Episode February 11

Friday, February 5th, 2021

In 2021, the SLW Institute is examining the digital transformation of the legal industry in a new webinar series. We’ll start by looking at the big picture view, and then focus in on detailed aspects of IP practice. In a series of case studies, we’ll explain specific tools and strategies our firm uses to automate processes and increase precision. Experienced industry innovators will provide their perspective. This series will dig into practical aspects of how digital transformation affects the future of IP law firms and departments.

The kickoff episode is coming up on Thursday, February 11 at 12 p.m. Central: Come join us. Our speakers will provide insights about the transformation taking place in the legal industry, especially with regards to IP practice. Mary O’Malley, Thomas Marlow and Ann McCrackin of Black Hills IP will be presenting, along with Dr. Manjeet Rege of the University of St. Thomas, Dan Yarmoluk, and myself. It’s a complimentary presentation, and we invite you to be there. You can register at the SLW Institute online.

Patent Buddy Releases New Patent Analytics iPhone App

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Patent Buddy has released a new iPhone app that provides an amazing set of patent analytics.   The app lets you check the current portfolio size and patent filing trends based on last three years of issued patents and publications.  One very handy feature is the ability to check on the current status of a patent to make sure it is not expired for failure to pay the maintenance fee, and the ability to check who the currrent owner(s) are.

The app is free.  Here is more information on the app:

For US patents the analytics include –
Current Status (issued, expired — for any reason)
Current Owner (from USPTO assignment database)
Inventor Analytics (Patent Counts)
Prior Art Analytics (Most Mentioned Prior Art)
Citation Analytics / Ratings (Rating based on Citation Rankings)
Patent Abstract / Claims (text of both)

For Patent Owners (with 10 or more patents or applications) –
Portfolio Counts and Composition (Number of issued patents in force; number issued  and number published in last three years.)
Technology Analytics / Ratings (Top patent classification for owner and patent counts)
Top Cited Patents
Top Inventors (for owner)

The official page for the app is found on Apples web site at: