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Patent Analytics Series Comes to a Close with Final Episodes 

Sunday, July 26th, 2020

Patent Analytics Series Comes to a Close with Final Episodes 

In July, our team presented the last two episodes of the Patent Analytics webinar series. This series was an eight-part boot camp on driving performance with IP data and analytics. Episodes 07 and 08 wrapped up the series by discussing dashboards and patent prosecution history reports.

Episode 07: Using a Patent Analytics Dashboard for IP Strategy, Competitor Surveillance, and Portfolio Management 

The seventh episode of the series took place on July 9. Janal Kalis, Mark Stignani and I were joined by Thomas Marlow of Black Hills IP. We discussed such topics as high level insights for portfolio management; best practices for outside counsel management; fast competitive benchmarking; extraction of strategic insights/business actions; and an overview of dashboard tool sets.

Episode 08: Using Patent Prosecution History Reports to Increase Prosecution Efficiency and Avoid Unintended Estoppel

Janal Kalis, Mark Stignani and Peter Rebuffoni and I presented this final episode on July 23. One of the most daunting tasks of any patent prosecution team is staying on top of the file histories for patent family members completed or in flight around the world or previously prosecuted. In this webinar, we discussed best practices for tracking and organizing this information so it can be readily accessed and used to avoid inconsistent file wrapper arguments and reuse previously successful arguments in other applications.

All Episodes Available Online 

If you missed any of the episodes of the Patent Analytics series, you can check them out online; they are posted on Schwegman’s SLW Institute.

Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who joined us for this series: We appreciate all of our speakers, and the attendees who were so kind as to give us their time.  It was good to gather with you – at least electronically – and discuss topics that give us energy and can help move our industry forward.




Blue Ocean Maps Webinar

Monday, July 6th, 2020

Blue Ocean Maps Webinar Available Online

Blue ocean maps are a valuable tool for identifying “open spaces” in the patent landscape. They enable better targeting of claims on defensible points of distinction. Thomas Marlow of Black Hills IP joined Schwegman Analytics Chair and Firm Compliance Officer Mark Stignani to discuss this approach on a recent webinar. This sixth episode of the Patent Analytics webinar series took place on June 25. In “Using Blue Ocean Maps to Identify Open Spaces in the Patent Landscape,” Mark and Thomas reviewed the creation and use of blue ocean maps for everyday prosecution. They also presented some real life examples.

If you missed this presentation, you can still watch a recording and download the slides. You can find these resources on the SLW Institute, at:

Upcoming Webinar Discusses Data-Driven IP Management and Dashboards

Data-driven IP management (DDIPM) is an approach to IP strategy and management that values decisions that can be backed up with verifiable data. The success of this approach is reliant upon the quality of the data gathered and the effectiveness of its analysis and interpretation. In a July 9 webinar, my colleagues and I will discuss this topic. In “Using a Patent Analytics Dashboard for IP Strategy, Competitor Surveillance, and Portfolio Management,” we will highlight key metrics used in DDIPM and an example IP analytics dashboard.

You are cordially invited to join us for this webinar. Register at:

This presentation is the second-to-last installment of an eight-part series. To catch up on previous episodes, visit: