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Data Monetization Webinar Series Now Available on Demand

Thursday, January 14th, 2021

If you missed the live presentations of the SLW Institute’s Data Monetization Webinar Series, you can access them online at your convenience. All six episodes are available on demand. This webinar series examined how data is being leveraged behind the scenes, and affecting both industry and everyday life. What is the economic value of data? Distinguished guest speakers contribute their insights from areas such as medical devices, manufacturing, retail, autonomous vehicles and financial services. We are grateful to each speaker for joining us and sharing their knowledge and and experiences.

Individual episodes are available at these links:

AIPLA Features Webinar on Using the USPTO’s Bilski/Section 101 Guidelines to Gain Allowance of Software and Business Method Inventions

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

On February 10,  a panel of private practice and corporate counsel (Ken Nigon, Anthony Castiglione, Bob Bohanek and Ann McCrackin) outlined major features of the USPTO’s Interim Bilski Guidelines for assessing Section 101 eligibility of process claims.  Additionally, the panel addressed the potential impact of Federal Circuit’s December 2010 ruling in Research Corporation Technologies, Inc. v. Microsoft Corporation on the Bilski Guidelines.  The panel offered practical guidance for prosecutors in examples of abstract and non-abstract ideas, and suggestions on leveraging the Bilski Guidelines when working with examiners.  The corporate panelists (Anthony Castiglione and Bob Bohanek from USAA) shared their practical insights from their first-hand experience of working with the PTO on Section 101 issues.  The slides for the webinar will be available on the Computer and Electronic Committee web pages at sometime the week of February 14th.